Bokeh Ray is a denver based production company

We are 3 passionate filmmakers looking to partner with companies to create stunning images and stories. We are here to fill your needs and tell your story. We specialize in commercial work, corporate, fundraising media, Narrative, short form, Social media commercials, and small business,

The Bokeh Ray Team is made up of:



-Joey Lopez

Joey was born and raised in Loveland, Colorado. He grew up watching movies, and knew he wanted to create stories. He was on his first feature in 2012 and fell in love with the process. He has assistant directed several award winning shorts including, “Sekund,” and “The Reunion.” He attended Colorado film school and graduated with a degree in Writing and Directing. He has since directed several shorts and commercials.

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Director of Photography

-Nick Bruso

Nick was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. Nick grew up always having a camera in his hand. He had a passion and love to film his friends and family. This love for documenting turned into his passion for film making. Nick's first full length film took 3 years to make. He wrote, directed, filmed, and edited the film called "The 8th Layer." The film is an action sports film about skateboarding which deputed in January 2015. Nick attended Colorado Film School where he studied cinematography. He has since won 2 Best Cinematography awards, a Student Heartland Emmy, as well as many other nominations.



-Brekon Baxter

Brekon was born in Englewood, CO and grew up in Southern California. His initial interest in filmmaking came from his roots of filming skateboarding. Growing up filming and editing his own videos, Brekon taught himself the basics of filmmaking. He then attended Colorado Film School and graduated with a degree in Cinematography. Brekon has since been working in the industry and has established himself as one of the main cinematographers in Colorado. With a background in photography as well, Brekon strives to create stunning images along side beautiful stories.